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Your premier network where natural health and well-being practitioners from any modality can form community and share techniques, inspiration and expertise. An excellent opportunity to build your referral network, sell your products and merchandise, and build community with others who share your commitment to more natural and health oriented ways of life.

For our visitors, this is a great place to find healers, practitioners and products to aid in your health and well-being. There is also a wealth of information and resources to inform and enlighten you in expanding the possibilities of the powerful creator that you are.

Call To Action - 09/28/11
Last night at the We Are Oregon meeting in Rockwood, they announced a location for an opening of a new community center in Rockwood. On the agenda at last nights meeting Job Skill Training, Computer Education, Nutrition Classes, Healthy & Organic Food Local Choices, Health Care: screenings, workshops, classes, resource exchanges, health fairs, and community outreach programs. It got my blood racing when I heard that.

I volunteered to do research about the Medical & Naturopathic Schools and their community outreach programs.

If you would be interested in volunteering information, resources, or time, please contact me (503) 762-3118.

We are looking specifically for practitioners, doctors, nurses, LMT's, etc., to offer information to the community center.

I was surprised and want to verify but we were told in our group that Rockwood has a 30% unemployment rate, these people need our compassion and support. Are You With Me?
Intuitive Reading Classified - 04/05/2011
Looking for New Team Member - March 18th 2011
Looking an energy worker who might want to join the Cypress Beauty & Wellness team. The Cypress Beauty & Wellness team is looking for someone who practices Reiki or Cranio-Sacral or some other energy healing work. This person also wants to join a team of other healing professionals. The purpose of Cypress Beauty & Wellness is to be an oasis of tranquility where you can take a deep breath and let go; where a group of compassionate professionals invite you to the experience of beauty and wellness. If this purpose resonates with you, please contact Elie at 503-860-8998 Please also visit:
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