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GreenMountain Enrichment & Empowerment Center (GEEC) is a meeting place both brick & click, to facilitate mass evolution through individual personal development.

Discovery: You have values, a purpose, a process, experience, and can evoke change. One way to empower you, is to teach you to evaluate and listen to your emotions as a tool for awareness. You take physical action, become consciously aware of the choices you make, evaluate what is working and what is not, and create a belief surrounding you abilities that will move you forward. I will teach you to use manifestation and action to create opportunities for you to achieve you goals. Together we will look at your experiences as a gauge, and adjust the process as necessary.

Our services will help you realize that you have a choice about how your life can be. You decide how you want your life to be. You as our client will discover what is stopping you from creating the life you want. Together we will create a road map and a plan of action to set goals and benchmark you progress. Together we use our time together for discovery and processing of emotions, beliefs and agreements you experience in your life. I can an offer suggestions concerning resources that are available to you to overcome whatever obstacles you face.

The main focus will be walking with you on your journey to discover what works best for you — religion, pragmatic, esoteric, experiential, emotional, spiritual, or whatever system works for you. As a client you will bring to the discovery process your truth.

Together we adhere to a form of personal development and growth that honors you as the expert in you life.

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